Wicked Temper

Wicked Temper - Randy Thornhorn I don't like to gush, but I am honestly giddy with happiness after reading Wicked Temper. Randy Thornhorn has created a fully realized world we can all live in for a while. Tizzy, to me, is Harper Lee's Scout with a couple of years and without the benifit of an Atticus Finch. She takes up with wannabe sociopath Matthew, whose spirit is willing, but lacks the essential skillset for the work. They encounter the horned god, the snug cottage in the forest and the horror it conceals, darkness and light. You are going to need a high tolerance for ambiguous endings. I have my theories, but I still haven't definitively figured out who the "I" is at the end, or the true significance of the title - but I love a book that makes you really think.