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I don't write traditional book reviews, especially for classics.  I feel that I cannot make a contribution that others have not already.  I am more interested in how each book adds something to who I am and I how I see the world and my life.  Of course, with my keen interest in literature, I may throw out an observation, insight, or criticism, usually brief, occassionally snarky.


I love classic literature, literary fiction, and poetry.  Well done sci-fi and fantasy will also find it's way into my hands.  When I want the literary equivalent or junk food, I gorge on horror.  My strongest interest is in books written between the world wars.  WWI changed everything - I wish I had been around to take part.


Wallace Stevens changed my life.  That's why I am the Blackbird.

February 2018
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February 2018
Thrustverb1. to push forcibly; shove; put or drive with force...Heather Derr-Smith's latest collection of poetry is aptly tit...
February 2018
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reviewed: The Night Circus
Some books are a fantastical conjuring of a world. Of course the circus is a metaphor for the book. This book.
The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
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Blackbird's Book Blog has read 1 book(s) out of 75 books in
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December 2017
reviewed: Her Body and Other Parties
Beautifully written with great imagination, restraint, and originality. Can't wait to read more from this author.
Her Body and Other Parties - Carmen Maria Machado
November 2017
reviewed: Dark Matter: A Novel
If you are looking for something that keeps you engaged on long commutes, you really can't do better than Blake Crouch. This...
Dark Matter: A Novel - Blake Crouch
November 2017
reviewed: Sleeping Beauties: A Novel
It wasn't the very best Stephen King novel, but it was still entertaining and interesting. It made me reflect on the fact th...
Sleeping Beauties: A Novel - Stephen King, Owen King
October 2017
reviewed: Ready Player One
This book is just pure fun.
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
September 2017
reviewed: The Girls: A Novel
There is no detail too sordid that this writer will not rhapsodize about it, which gives the overall effect of an ugly and re...
The Girls: A Novel - Emma Cline

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