Extinction Point

Extinction Point - Paul Antony Jones Things get better in the second book, but this one was not ready for publication. I was definitely feeling very generous in the giving out of stars because my expectations were not that high, but I don't really think this author is a writer. It's the excruciating detail; the awkward sentences; the things he gets wrong (women's jackets generally don't have inside pockets); the extraordinary good luck of the heroine that is a huge challenge for the reader to accept; the rampant clich├ęs and hackneyed sentences. This book needed a good editor, or at the very least, needed to be workshopped before released to the pubic.

Just because you have a good story to tell doesn't mean that you know how to tell that story.

But it was cheap enough and, like I said, the second book made some necessary corrections. And the story is decent. So if bad writing doesn't make you twitch too much, you might enjoy it.